Monday, 6 February 2012

Importance of Friends

Have you ever realized the importance of friends in life? What would life be without them? If you have ever imagined this you would be well aware what friends do to you, how they make your life from nothing to everything. Friends are the most important element of any man’s life. Without them you are simply nothing. Without them life would be as colourless as it can get. Life would loose all its meaning and charm.
Friendship is an interpersonal relationship between the two persons. Friendship comes with friends which are not the part of our social circle but the part of our lives, people with whom we can share our joys and sorrows. Friendship is the blessing and the greatest gift to mankind. When we are born, we are gifted with the blood relations who make our family. But friendship is not a blood relation; this is the relation which we choose according to our will.
Friendship is a very sweet and emotional relationship which gives a man the whole happiness of life. It makes one’s life so easy n peaceful. Friendship is just like the water. As water gets the shape of that pot in which it is poured, friendship gets the same shape according to the situation. Friends are those who cheer us up when we are sad. They motivate us to achieve the goals of our lives. They are always with us when we need support. They are always with us to help us out. There is not a word “no” in the friendship. Friends are there when we want someone to share our happy moments with our friends. There are some those things with our friends. We can share with them our crushes and our love life with complete trust. We can share our many other personal problems which we normally don’t share with our family and especially parents.

Friends make our days and nights memorable. Enjoying with them makes the little moments of life turn into huge memories of laughter and happiness. Celebrating birthday parties with the friends, enjoying school/college/university events with them is in itself a great blessing. Late night parties, end of session dinners, occasional meet-ups, all of these things make life wonderful.
The best thing about this relationship is this that friends serve you without asking for a reward or dues. They will help you out in the most difficult of times and would never ask for a reward from you. They are always around you, silent and un-noticed at times, but always there to help you make your life meaningful. It is the most precious relation of them all. If you have friends who care for you more then you need, you are the luckiest person alive.
Friends are the courage of our hearts. They are with us like an umbrella in a heavy rain. They take care of our feelings, our emotions ad make our lives meaningful and enjoyable. When we see a laugh of a child we forget all our sorrows same as when we see our true friends in trouble we forget all our pain. This is the power of this relation. Friendship is an everlasting relation which comes from heart to heart.

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